Reinstate funding for Arts on Tour

All New Zealanders deserve access to art and entertainment

Arts are often overlooked and underappreciated in society, but small towns across New Zealand are taking a stand against this. When the budget for the Art on tour was significantly reduced Loretta decided to start a petition on OurActionStation. Calling for the immediate reinstatement of the core funding for Art’s on Tour. Her petition resonated with a lot of people in small towns and communities across New Zealand. It now has over 2000 signatures with the numbers rising. Comments such as these showcase why it resonated so well with the people.

“I believe all New Zealanders are entitled to access the pleasure of quality entertainment by Kiwi artists as part of maintaining their mental wellness and enhancing community spirit. The artists are entitled to the respect of being allowed to showcase their craft for the enjoyment of others.” Statement shared as a reason why they signed the petition.

Arts should be accessible to everyone regardless where they live, it is important for our wellbeing and it is something that strengthens communities and creates a sense of togetherness when enjoyed in groups.

This can also be seen by the increasing number of people “comfortable with local authorities and the Government spending money on the arts, and see cultural activities as helping define them as New Zealanders, new research says.”All

A yellow and light blue graphic frame. In the centre is a white square with a yellow, light blue and black graphic design of a bus tilted to its side, suggesting fast movement. A text around the graphic image says Arts on Tour NZ Trust. To each side of the graphic image is a white speech bubble with black text. The one on the left reads: "Good music makes the world go around ... keep'em coming through keeps our little towns more alive." The one on the right reads: "my mohter works in theatre, the arts are important and deserve to be funded. heart."

No art without the artists

It is not only the people who enjoy watching art that lose from the cut of funding but also the artists themselves. Jobs and livelihood are lost. A lot of great artists that we know of today started somewhere and oftentimes it was on small stages in front of small crowds. Even the world renowned grammy award winning taika waititi started for a small stage here in Aotearoa New Zealand. So why not support more artists? And see the beautiful work they can and will create in the future. Funding arts on a grassroot level allows the needed support to create great artists and great art that is needed in our society.


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