Save Our Trains

Better public transport benefits people and environment

Within less than a year, this petition brought to our attention the decline of New Zealand’s passenger rail networks. A mixture between “ancient trains, expensive fares, poor frequency and decades of under-investment” have taken a toll on our passenger railway network. All over New Zealand railway networks have been forgotten or privatised and therefore cannot be afforded by everyday commuters. Inter regional connections have been neglected making commuting even harder. That is why this petition has been asking for the reinstallment of the passenger railway network and the governments dedication to a new updated railway infrastructure that benefits the people.🥳

Trains not only benefit the people but also the environment. Switching from cars to trains can lower the amount of carbon emissions that would have normally been released if every individual on the train would have taken a car. This is a great step in our climate action plan to combat climate change.

A photograph of train tracks leading into the distance beneath a blue sky, with some trees on both sides, in a yellow and green graphic frame. Text over the images says: hashtag Save Our Trains

The WINs they had

In September last year #SaveTheTrains experienced a big win. KiwiRail who the year before announced the end of same-day intercity travels will be replaced with multi-day luxury cruises have been reversed. Now Kiwi rail has reinstated the Northern Explorer and Coastal Pacific effective in September 2022. Which is a great achievement for all the people that put in the work and supported the mahi of Save Our Trains!! But the work is not yet done! The save our trains campaign is still going and they are pushing for more!

Still a large amount of Aotearoa New Zealand remains disconnected from the rail passenger network. They are calling on the Government and KiwiRail to commit to maintaining existing intercity passenger rail services and furthermore they want to see a comprehensive national strategy for future passenger rail services built around the concern for climate action and economic development.

How to support

If you are interested in this kaupapa and would like to support the cause you can:

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Or tell your friends and neighbours about it! Spread the word!


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